Quality Management Plan in the Program

Quality Management is agency-wide oversight.  It is also the most cited deficiency in all agency types. Jennifer Windram, BSN, RN, former CDPHE-surveyor will engage learners in this video program with updated regulations in Chapter 2 of 6 CCR 1011-1, Part 4, 4.1. This program is an update to QM Basics. Program Goals – 2 CEUsAttendees […]

Infection Control

COVID-19 strategy has resulted in home care agencies placing a greater emphasis on infection control — something that will play a larger role for all in-home care providers in 2020 and beyond to be mindful of — and protective of — not only the clients but also of employees as well. License standards overview followed […]

Assistive Devices in Home Care

This is a non-audio, fully downloadable course for Skilled Care, Personal Care, Developmentmental Disabilities agencies. No computer is recquired for this course other than to download the materials. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Define MAE and MRADL Explain documentation needs before and after use of assistive devices, Identify the role of assistive devices – Describe the Home Assessment […]

Developing New Managers

The purpose of this course is to help home care agencies create a program to identify and develop internal staff for management tracks so that an adequate workforce is always being cultivated. With our Developing New Managers self-study, you’ll understand the value of investing in employees and developing management. By focusing on development opportunities, your participants […]

Non-Medical Licensure Regulations

Video program with former CDPHE Surveyor Laura Neill. The goal of this workshop is to provide an indepth review of Part 6 and Part 8 of Chapter 26 using the Non-medical Management perspective. It is easy for managers and staff to mistake nuances in regulations while distinguishing between skilled and non-medical operations. As the Manager, […]

IHSS Basics

Video program with Laura Neill, former CDPHE Surveyor with the basics on the In-home Support Services Program as of year-end 2019. Learning Objectives: • Understand applicable requirements from Volume 8 to become IHSS certified.• Understand administrative duties required to manage an IHSS agency.• Gain an understanding of the purpose of the IHSS program.• Gain an […]


Video Program with former CDPHE Surveyor Laura Neill. Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Standards in day-to-day operations of an HCBS-certified non-medical home care agency with a focus on Volume 8 requirements, P&P, Employee and Client Records, Supervision, Personal care do’s and don’ts.

Universal Precautions

This non-audio course presents Universal Precautions, which is required annually for workers of Skilled and Non-medical Home Care Agencies. Bonus includes Step-by-step competency test: Apply and Remove PPE. 2 CEU Written by Barbara Buehner, RN, BSN.

Limitations of Personal Care

LIMITATIONS OF PERSONAL CARE. This is a brief audio course about the importance of knowing Limitations and delineating the types of services that can be provided by a Personal Care Worker (PCW). Bonus: PCW Self-evaluation Skills Checklist. This program is a review of examples of limitations where skilled home health care would be needed to […]

Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation

This is a 2 CEU non-audio course (audio coming soon) After this course, you will be able to:• Identify responsibilities of Administrator/Manager relative toabuse and neglect training•Name symptoms of caregiver stress believed to lead to abuseor neglect•Discuss Abuse prevention strategies needed on an ongoingbasis •Recognize signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect•Communicate and document suspected […]