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CHC courses cater to both newcomers and experienced individuals, offering a profound understanding of the intricacies of the Home Care business, covering Skilled (Class A) and Non-medical Personal Care (Class B). Enroll now to elevate your skills and thrive in the realm of home care administration.

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Elevate Your Management Skills with CHC CEUs.

Administrator/Manager Certificate Programs!

CHC started in 2008 with industry experts who have over 80 years of combined experience. Connie McWilliams, with 35 years of home care experience, founded a group dedicated to teaching. As a former owner/operator of a skilled Home Health Agency, she brings practical insights to courses designed for today's Administrators and Managers. The mission is to assist home care agencies in delivering quality, safe, and cost-effective services. The courses provide accessible education to unlock learners' potential with laser-focused, inspiring objectives. The inclusion of quizzes and practical tools enhances learning effectiveness, while recaps facilitate the learning journey. Understanding the "why" transforms learners into leaders, giving purpose to their journey towards success.

Home Care workplaces can be complicated and challenging to navigate and manage. CHC training is geared to Administrators and Managers so they excel in operating a compliant business. CHC consultants use federal and state regulations and law, as well as accreditation and best-practice models to explain and provide examples. The emphasis is on creating understanding from your perspective so everyone in your organization is more effective in day-to-day operations.

CHC provides training curricula for the Administrator and Manager in a start-up or a long-standing agency. Always mindful of boundaries in federal and state laws and regulations, we guarantee that you will come away with greater understanding of the conflicting demands in your operation. Understanding translates to effectiveness, which allows you to become a better manager.

Conformity with regulations is required in all areas of operations. The Agency scope of services creates a structure that requires compliance. Key compliance areas include Governance, Consumer Rights and Access, Supervision, Quality Improvement and Performance, Billing and Revenue, Back-office and Field Operations, Human resources, and more! CHC walks you through the many contexts of home care and compliance. Our step-by-step assistance ensure your understanding is extensive so you can apply what you learn immediately.


The Virtual Classroom - where Administrator/Manager Certificate Training empowers you to excel as a manager.

Earn CEUs tailored for Administrators, crafted by those who've walked in your shoes. CHC CEUs are designed to be straightforward and convenient, providing insights from experienced course writers. Gain actionable insights you can apply immediately, enhancing your managerial skills. Our programs are available 24/7/365 in multiple formats, offering flexibility through TAWAD - Training AnyTime, AnyWhere, on Any Device. Choose the learning style that suits you, whether it's online or in print. Elevate your management prowess with CHC CEUs.

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Compliance is the adherence to legal provisions and internal agency requirements. Compliance evidence is documenting an your organization’s compliance processes and outcomes. We walk you through step-by-step compliance probes and questions so you are prepared to present evidence that verifies your compliance.

Current & Former

Team of Experts

Connie McWilliams, MBA, ACHC-Certified Consultant
Founder and President
Alan L. Schocket, MD, MSHA
Medical and Quality Improvement Advisor
IN MEMORIAM Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN, ACHC-Certified Consultant
Clinical Consultant
Janell Peterson, M.Ed., SPHR, SHRM-SCP
HR Consultant
Bonnie J. MacLeod, LCSW
Behavioral Health Consultant and Case Manager
Laura Neill
Non-medical Specialist (HCBS, IHSS)
Ravi Bhasin
Development Director


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Administrators and Managers face large numbers and varying types of important decision-making on a daily basis. Managing your resources - financial and human - are essential. We help you provide high quality services that result in satisfied clients/patients.

Career interest in home care management as an Administrator or Manager accelerated during the pandemic. Home care agencies need hardworking, conscientious, capable people to keep the system working 24/7 — and that’s what becoming a home healthcare administrator is all about. Administrators manage the organization so individual clients can safely remain in the comfort of their home. Take a look at our Resources for additional information.

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Class A Skilled Home Health Agency

Skilled Administrator & Alternate Administrator Training

New Administrator Requirements Equation FIRST-TIME SKILLED (Class A) HOME HEALTH Administrator or Alternate Training: Basic 8 + 16 Additional Clock hours in year 1 = 24 Clock hours in Year 1 and 12 clock hours every year thereafter

Class B Agency (Non-medical Personal Care)

New Administrator Requirements Equation FIRST-TIME NON-MEDICAL PERSONAL CARE (Class B) HOME CARE Administrator/Manager or Alternate Training: Basic 8 + 12 Additional Clock hours in year 1 = 20 Clock hours in Year 1 and 12 clock hours every year thereafter

Master the fundamentals of Home Care Administration and Management in one convenient location!

Certificate courses for FIRST-TIME as well as EXPERIENCED Administrator/Manager competencies required in all Colorado health-at-home businesses!


We encourage your questions. Here are Frequently Asked Questions from Administrators and Managers Just like you.

Download this document and take the first step by sending an electronic Letter of Intent (LOI) to the health department. This LOI alerts the health department's licensing staff of your intent to obtain a license, which is the first step in the process of operating any type of home care agency.

The address entered into our website for credit card payment must match the billing addresses where your credit card statement is mailed. A name/address/zip code error occurs if you fail to enter the address where you receive the credit card statement.

Basic 8-hour Administrator Training is the name of the course you want to take within the first 30 day on the job. This course is required for all primary and alternate First-time Administrators and Managers before the Initial Survey. The course also meets Annual Training requirements for Administrators/Managers of all agency types. This is the #1 bestseller for over a decade and provides a broad overview of home care regulations. Modifications are made to it on a ongoing basis. (And the price has been the same at $379 since our doors opened).

Your certificates should be maintained by the named holder for at least five (5) years. All certificates should be ready for Surveyor review anytime during a survey - announced or unannounced. You are responsible for presenting evidence of completion of required training and failure to provide the evidence is grounds for an agency citation and deficiency.

Yes, if your employer offers educational reimbursements that cover online learning programs. You will receive an email with your CHC receipt that you can submit to your employer to get reimbursed for your Administrator / Manager Training.

Simply Log Out and Log In to populated your purchase into your account under the heading MY COURSES. My Courses appears only after a purchase is made in the User’s account. When a live, online course is purchased, an email is sent to the address used in the paid registration. It will contain all the information needed to join the class at the scheduled date and time.

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