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Basic 8-hour Administrator Training is the name of the course you want to take within the first 30 day on the job. Use this link to purchase:

The new changes that is incorporated to chapter 26. I liked how the course reviews scope of practice and how there are details on caregiver supervision and training. Improvement I liked it how it is.

Current understanding of regulations of staffing requirements for ongoing compliance MCRUMITY – MOST IMPORTANT THING LEARNED

I really enjoyed the new file reviews presented T TRUJILLO

Great material Thank you Excellent Thank you eMILY

We love all the courses VKhong

For us, we found the governing body annual review the most important thing. We’re pretty comfortable with PCW and homemaker duties, trainings ,etc. VKhong

No suggestions at this time. Content was great and appreciated. T LESTERName

Videos are helpful to hear rules and regs discussed vs simply reading the slides.The approach of asking current or future homecare clients to avoid a dr prescription is helpful. Keeping office staff files compliant by requiring proof of training and competency of PCW/HMKR training for all staff that will be conducting supervisory visits. Didnt realize that specifically was a requirement. T LESTERName

Obtaining (HCA)License & Certification, rules & regulations on State and Federal level; The importance of qualifications, credentials and continued training of HCA Manager, PCW, Homemaker; Differences in personal care and skilled care;Annual organization review, Ongoing organization-wide Quality Management Program, Quarterly chart reviews, Summary Annual review, Data documentation and QMP–KKirilovaite The slides in the power points can be condensed to provide important information more effectively.

To make sure each PCW is working in their scope of practice to provide the safest care within the rules and regulations of the state.RQuintanilla
Regulations for Personnel files and forms associated with review. BGriego

Files Review form really helpful to know what is missing for each staff. TRush

I learned more about the changes made to part 7. I also learned about a few things we can change in our agency to assist us better. JPerez
Job descriptions, QMP_GOLDENTIMEPCA

Need updated some documents for QMP record.

The Most Important Thing Learned In This CourseLearned how to provide correct services to client, and learned the correct job duty. YZheng Improvement Or Edits Needed In This Course Are:Nothing, great course!

Name The Most Important Thing Learned In This CourseInformation regarding specific non medical tasks and what is allowed NICOLE

Name The Most Important Thing Learned In This Course specifics about homemaker training and PC training, Stephanie
Great course THamil

Name The Most Important Thing Learned In This Course Updated information and refresher course for us every yearImprovement
The course was a good tool for me. While I think maybe it seemed somewhat repetitive, hearing it all more than once was a good take away.RSCHIFFER__

I think the most important thing that I took away from this is the importance of the job descriptions and also the check lists for making sure all documentation is done at the point of hiring. Job descriptions can be easily blurred if not defined well in the original signed description. I also think that the constant reminding of PCW allowed is something that we need to keep at the front of our minds. Improvement Or Edits Needed
More information how to create the fullest client record MTIZON

Information about how to follow and create the QMP, PSCA processes, training personnel, personnel files review, supervisory visit MTizon
Name The Most Important Thing Learned In This CourseClose
Compliance for Advisory Board and QMP_KATHERINE MOORE GROATName The Most Important Thing Learned In This CourseClose
good course_RENUKA DAHAL Improvement Or Edits Needed In This Course Are:Close

There was a lot of essential information. KARINA BUIASHOV Name The Most Important Thing Learned In This CourseClose

The HCA structure and how every department should work. KARINA BUIASHOV