Care About HIPAA, Privacy & Confidentiality

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In this non-audio course we learn Administrators have a duty to ensure all workforce members understand their responsibility to abide by HIPAA rules. When co-workers become careless, the resulting damage affects the agency as well as our own personal reputation.

This Certificate eLearn course offers clear student progress indicators and unlimited replays of course material. Resume learning exactly where you left off, on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device. The curriculum includes:

Privacy and Security Rules Reputational costs of HIPAA breach
Identifiers which create PHI Questions & Answers
Protecting privacy and security

After this course, you will be able to:

Distinguish between Privacy and Security rules,
Recognize situations in which confidential and protected health information can be mishandled,
Identify practical ways to protect the privacy and security of sensitive information,
Outline the duties of the Privacy Official,
Learn the costs of HIPAA breach when co-workers become careless,
Understand how mishandled confidential or protected health information is the responsibility of every worker.