QMP: All About Data

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In this recorded course with Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN, learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure rules in data collection and monitoring for your Quality Management Program.

This program includes overall requirements for a compliant quality management program and QMP components such as: data collection, data monitoring, identifying problems and areas for improvement, implementing corrective/improvement actions and monitoring those actions to decide if they were effective or not.

In this course, Quality Management – All about Data, we focus on the data collection and monitoring aspect of a QM program. This will include a more in-depth discussion of data collection and data compilation methods, with additional sample tools to help you streamline your data collection and documentation processes. (The Quality Management Basics course is recommended prior to taking Quality Management – All about Data, but it is not required).

This Certificate Workshop will include the following curriculum, with interactive discussions, presentations and case studies. The curriculum in this 2 CEU Program includes:

Review of licensing standards for the quality management program
Indicators: process vs outcome, how to choose
Common data sources
Methods to collect, compile and present data
Data collection pitfalls
Modifying existing data collection processes
After this course, you will be able to:

 Discuss the minimum standards for quality management relative to data collection
 List at least three current trends in citing deficiencies
 Identify opportunities to improve and streamline your data collection activities
 Demonstrate an understanding of how to effectively document quality management data collection

Workshop Handouts and Activities
Attendees will receive client and personnel file audit tools, a sample audit tool for focused audits, and examples of spreadsheets and other tools to compile and present data.