PCW Training Kit – New!


Homemaker and Personal Care Worker Training


Class B Non-medical Personal Care agencies are required to develop a worker training program within their agency. The training program toolkit provides for all homemaker and personal care worker regulations.  This Toolkit INCLUDES step-by-step written competencies for both homemaker and personal care worker tasks (which are sold separately for $200 each).

Certificate Program,
Meets State Licensure Mandates,
Pre-test and Post-test,
Flex-use 12 to 30 Contact hours,
More than 55 Topics,
PDF program with 500+ slides,
Self-check for Every Topic,
Quizzes and Activities Workbook,
Step-by-step Written Competency Tests for Observer Assessments,
Training Log + Training Sign-in Form,
Downloadable – No App Needed,
Customizable with Agency Info,
Trainer support and guidance via phone, email, virtual meeting.

This “stacked” training meets Colorado requirements for Class B Non-medical Personal Care agencies:
Ensures a minimum knowledge base by all personnel,
Aligns with the training program being developed by HCPF.
Ensures worker safety, proper training, and retention, and to move towards a structure in the rules,
Provides greater transferability and flexibility for home care agencies and the workforce into the future.

The purpose of this Colorado-specific Toolkit is to help home care agencies create their own Personal Care Training program with separate modules for Homemaker followed by modules for Personal Care Worker (28 modules as of 8/1/22 with continuous additions forthcoming).

(a) As of 8/1/2022, this is 100% downloadable with no computer use and offers up to 30 contact hours of training,
(b) The modules are being added to the Virtual Classroom AND fee-based access will be available for HCAs who want their Personal Care Staff to access digital content (mobile device friendly)!


Personal Care Worker and  Homemaker Training program with


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