Understanding the Survey Process


In this video program the learning objective is Understand how State and Federal surveyors and inspectors engage the home care agency staff in the survey process.  Administrators and Managers may use that knowledge to prepare for survey and improve quality management activities on an ongoing basis.

There are many reasons for surveys but in all cases, Surveyors are specifically focused on ensuring that home care agencies comply with Licensure and Certification standards plus Conditions of Participation (CoPs) or Conditions for Coverage (CfCs) for Medicare and Medicaid-certified agencies. These conditions outline the requirements that facilities must meet to participate in these government-funded healthcare programs.

After the successful completion of the course, the learner will:

Describe at least 2 different types of surveys

Name at least 3 components of the survey process

Identify at least 2 items an inspector might evaluate during a home visit

Name at least 3 items an inspector might evaluate when reviewing an agency’s quality management program.


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